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Battlefield 5



There has been a lot of speculation on where will the next Battlefield downlaod torrents installment will be set in and it looks like it might end up being a WW2 game, which wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen in 2016. In fact, with all the modern shooters that have been released the past years, a Battlefield set somewhere between WW1 and the cold war would be a nice change of pace.


With the advances of the Frostbit Engine that are clear as day in the new Star Wars Battlefront, which is pretty much photo realistic at this point, Battlefield 5 will look amazing. I can only hope that with the new version of the game we’ll have less bugs at launch, unlike the Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 which were basically unplayable the first couple of month after release and that EA will invest more time in the sound quality of the weapons as well as adding features like shooting from a ladder or cutting your parachute on your way down if you are under heavy fire.

While you wait for the game to be released in November 2016 you can still enjoy Battlefield 3.